Jay Turner

Magic Mountain to close Colossus in August!

As a kid I remember being terrified of Six Flags Magic Mountain’s giant wooden roller coaster Colossus! Come to think of it, I am STILL terrified of this behemoth! Okay, while standing in cue at the iconic coaster I am filled with the natural excitement and adrenaline that everyone is filled with. However, upon the initial creaky climb to the ...

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Measure M! Yay or Nay?

So, like many, I am confused as to how I should vote on Measure M in the upcoming June 3rd Primary Election! 5th District Santa Barbara County Supervisor Steve Lavagnino, who once supported the measure is now against it, and 4th District Santa Barbara County Supervisor Peter Adam says that we need vote YES!  But wait!  Santa Barbara County District ...

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Random Thoughts from Jay Turner

Is it me, or all ALL other drivers IDOTS!?! Take a round-a-bout for example; how hard is it to figure out that the RIGHT lane is to enter the round-a-bout and then IMMEDIATELY exit the round-a-bout!   Oh and, whatever you do, do not STOP completely when you can enter the round-a-bout!  From the CA DMV Driver’s Handbook; Roundabouts A roundabout ...

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